Investment process



Being a registered investment fund, approaching responsibly to the investment issues, we carefully analyze all the proposals coming to us. At the same time, our process of selecting cases in which we invest our own capital is highly individualized, in other words, our approach is not patterned.

Practically making a decision on investing in a particular case does not differ from the decision making by the investment manager of any other fund, willing to get investment income from its activities. The decision-making process itself is divided into five successive steps:



First, we ask the applicant to send us a brief description of the case. At this stage, we are interested in HIS (the applicant) assessing of all the circumstances of the case. We ask that he himself described all the potential opportunities for winning the case as well as the potential losses. Hidden problems should not be ignored either.

The more accurately (and honestly) the case will be described, the easier it will be for us to make an investment decision on the application. First of all, this will save time for the applicant himself.

If the decision on accepting the proposal for further consideration is made, we sign the confidentiality agreement with the applicant and appoint a person who will be responsible for further work on this particular case. We do not hide that at this stage we reject many cases. For obvious reasons, we do not comment on our refusal to the applicants. First of all, this is due to reasons of confidential nature and our load.

We also emphasize that our refusal to invest in a particular case, as well as our decision to invest in it, should in no way be perceived by the applicant as our assessment of the chances of winning or losing. In assessing the case, we base ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY on our investment opportunities and preferences. Often this has nothing to do with the prospects of the trial under discussion.



At this stage, the appointed employee begins to study the matter in depth. Only at this stage the communications begin with the applicant. We assess the potential risks of the proposal and the requested financing. At the same stage, we propose an action plan. The applicant must be prepared for the fact that by the results of this stage we will be asked for exclusivity. That is, the issue of legal protection of the applicant will be decided only by lawyers selected and paid for by us. We also do not hide the fact that we can use our own channels to verify the information received in order to assess the risks at the request of the applicant. The preliminary answer including the proposed road map and the conditions for granting us funding can be sent to the applicant only after the finalization of this stage of work.



After the DUE DILIGENCE procedure, we study the proposal also from a professional and ethical point of view. In particular, the Fund does not accept the concepts of "semi-legal", "on the edge” and so on. Like any investment fund, which seeks to generate investment income for its founders, we adhere to the principles of openness, transparency, honesty and strict compliance with the law. We also reject requests of applicants whose financing will, in our opinion, violate the general Christian norms and rules and violate the principle of corporate social responsibility.



The parties sign the relevant document, in which the applicant guarantees that he has transferred to our disposal all available materials on the case.

Failure to comply with the provision of this document will guaranteed lead to termination of our financing of the legal protection.



According to the procedures and regulations of our Fund, the decision to invest has collective nature. The Investment Council of the Fund makes this decision after completion of the previous four steps described above. The decision on investing is completed by signing the documents, in which the Fund stipulates all aspects that are associated with the investment decision, including the remuneration of the Fund and the amount of funding for judicial protection. By experience, the investment decision takes us from a week to a month.